Find the creative
side of your WashU education!  

Visual thinkers rule the world these days. No matter how little experience you have in drawing, visual work, or creative fields, our new majors in Art and Design can become part of your education.


Starting this spring, undergraduates from any school can add a major in design or art to their existing degree path. Consider how making visual work and learning the creative process might enhance your primary area of study. Do you want to visualize biology data or draw your scientific ideas? Do you want to explore growing fabric from bacteria? Are you interested in designing a website for a new entrepreneurial effort? What about working on a creative partnership with Barnes-Jewish Hospital to solve patient challenges? Are new technologies inspiring you with ideas for clothing and accessories that you want to realize in real life? And if you're taking courses in creative writing, imagine learning to design and bind the books in our letterpress book studio. Or how to throw a pot on one of our kilns. To learn more about how a major in Art or Design might grow your creativity, expand the horizons of your education, and give you new professional opportunities after college, sign up to learn more here.
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Major in Art

The Art major integrates a mix of disciplines and technical approaches. Students will incorporate their own artistic interests within the contemporary, professional field of art.

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Major IN Design

The Design major is a collaborative program that combines graphic design, illustration, and interaction design. Students can do a broad overview with no concentration, or they can choose to concentrate on Communication Design or Fashion Design.

"I have always been fascinated with how we communicate with others in the world — both verbally and visually.  I've chosen to study English and Design and I've discovered how the two complement each other so well."

— Liz Murphy, English major

"As a Marketing major, I felt that knowing the basics of design and illustration would be useful professionally and help me to be better equipped for collaborating with designers in the workforce."

  — Michelle Pagnon, Marketing major