Your second major in design or art will help you build a portfolio.

With a second major in Art or Design, you will create a body of work that showcases your skills as a visual thinker and maker, including specific applications in your areas of interest. For some of you, that may take the form of websites, videos, apps, or other projects generated for the screen. For others, this may be two- or three-dimensional artworks, immersive installations, or cutting-edge wearables. Others of you may focus on creating business ideas, social impact innovations, or other human-centered projects. Whatever its final form, the work in your portfolio will showcase your ability to articulate ideas visually, materially, and spatially, as well as demonstrate your ability to synthesize other areas of study at the university into visual form. 

You will participate in at least two portfolio reviews with faculty to help you develop your final body of work. Your portfolio will also help you professionally, whether you are interested in working in the fields of art or design, or in something else altogether. Think of it as a feather in your cap—or maybe it IS the cap!